Let the wild rumpus start!

Is it Halloween yet? I just finished one of my costumes. Woohoo!

I came up with this idea late one Friday night while talking to Will. It’s a cross between brilliant and ridiculous, which makes it so much fun! I completely winged this costume, seeing as how I didn’t use any measurements or patterns. Just a bunch of cutting and sewing. I think my sewing machine is from the late 80’s too, so there were a few moments of frustration. The suit is made from sweat shirt material, flipped fuzzy side out. The crown is made from a USPS flat rate priority envelope. Crafty eh? The tail is actually a belt worn inside the suit. The furry material is actually quite heavy, so I didn’t want it dragging down the entire suit. The front has faux buttons and the flap closes up with velcro down the middle.

I decided to be Max from the book/movie “Where the Wild Things Are.” Not quite sure why, but I guess it’s just a throwback to a great childhood book. After seeing the Opening Ceremony Max Suit run for $610, I figured I could make something similar for much less. The total cost was about $30 for material and two Friday nights worth of time.

Now I just need to roll around in the dirt a bit so that it’s not so white 🙂

Check it out for yourself and leave a comment to let me know what you think:

Wild thing:

Off to do a 12 mile run! Have a great weekend


5 responses to “Let the wild rumpus start!

  1. we need to find you someone’s shoulders to sit on…

  2. OMG that’s cute! You are so talented!

  3. lol, the max costume is so baller.

  4. Wait, so which one is your costume for Halloween??

    either way, looks good!

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